Dec 15 2014

taking two weeks off from blogging

As I stared at my to-do lists, sorted by day, for this week and next, I instantly got overwhelmed. How was I going to get this all done, plus write for my own two blogs, plus take off Dec. 24-26th for Christmas?! Suddenly, it hit me. I’m my own boss. So I conferred with myself

Dec 11 2014

Wordpress site migration

If I had to choose an activity for someone to do in hell, I would probably choose moving over websites (especially WordPress websites) from one hosting provider to the next. I’m currently helping a client move over (after their previous website developer wanted to charge $500/year for hosting for a site THAT WAS HOSTED ON

Dec 9 2014

Santorini Greece

I didn’t exactly plan it this way, but 2015 has already turned into a quite a busy traveling year for me! I have a few trips confirmed and four more down the pipeline, and I can’t wait to utilize this blog and my Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and other social media profiles to share the experience

Dec 4 2014

4 Ways Facebook Groups Can Improve Fan Relationships

Would you like to create stronger ties with your customers? Have you thought about building a Facebook group? Today’s Facebook groups offer a way to create ties with thousands of members. In this article you’ll find four ways Facebook groups can help build stronger customer relationships. #1: Get Real Customer Feedback Golden Tote, started by

Dec 2 2014

4 Tips to Create the Perfect Cover Photo on Any Social Network

Are you proud of your social media cover photos? Do you want to find out how to improve them? Your cover photo is the first thing anyone sees when they visit your social media profiles. Make that first impression a positive one. In this article I’ll share tips to improve the quality and impact of

Nov 25 2014


It’s hard to say if the ascendency of YouTube as a music delivery platform was foreseen by its founders. Surely they imagined that music videos would find their place on the platform, but the widespread primacy of audio tracks without significant or important video content may have been surprising. Whether or not that was actually

Nov 19 2014

Giving Feedback: Say What Needs to be Said

One thing I see that is common among digital marketers (especially the inexperienced ones) is the tendency to not give honest feedback, or to remain passive so everything remains the same. Part of being a good marketer is sticking up for best practices, as well as your own opinion when you notice something that isn’t

Nov 14 2014

How Boolean Search Improves Your Social Media Monitoring

Do you search for information on social media? Did you know that Boolean search isn’t just for search engines? Many of the main social networks accept some form of traditional Boolean search operators, as well as their own, to help users identify specific information about content, brand mentions, even other users. In this article I’ll

Nov 11 2014

How to Build Your Credibility by Answering Questions

Do you want to use your in-depth experience to help others? Are you a trusted resource? Successful marketers spend time sharing what they know. In this article I’ll share where you cananswer questions from fans, customers and even strangers to build your credibility as a recognized resource. Why Write Content That Answers Questions? One of

Nov 6 2014

Five Reasons Podcasts Are Worth Your Time

Ever since Search Engine Journal introduced our new podcast, Marketing Nerds, we’ve been having an awesome time getting guests, covering all kinds of topics (from freelancing to Google penalties), and learning more about podcasting along on the way. Here’s some of what I’ve learned about podcasting since we’ve embarked on our weekly podcast journey. It’s

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