Jul 22 2014

when bad ads happen to good people

By now, you might have seen my post on SEMRush on why remarketing needs to change, but just ads, as a whole, are getting out of hand. Not only do I have to deal with pop-ups (which some of my clients have; I still don’t agree with) to sign up for new products or newsletters,

Jul 17 2014


If you were in a crowded room and trying to prove that clouds are purple,  not white, you would look pretty ridiculous saying,  “But, see!? According to this other speech I gave at last week’s dinner party,  I claimed that clouds were purple there as well.  So obviously this proves my point.” No, that wouldn’t

Jul 16 2014


The kid in me always appreciates some “Weird Al” Yankovic, every since Amish Paradise. His new album, Mandatory Fun, is out this week and he’s doing a new music video every day. My favorite one so far is Word Crimes, which regulates on people who use poor grammar, to the tune of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines.   

Jul 10 2014


Because I write for this blog, The Hustle Life, and my other client obligations, I often find myself running out of blog post ideas. Oftentimes, if I just come up with a good title, then the rest of the post will come to me. So when I’m fighting with a heavy case of writer’s block,

Jul 3 2014


Digital rewards, such as allowing your app or website users to accrue points towards things like gift cards to Target and Starbucks, or even discounts on your own products and services. The options that companies can provide users are seemingly endless; and the fact remains that digital rewards are going to be one of the

Jul 2 2014


I had the pleasure of attending the Further With Ford Trends conference this year in Detroit. This was my second trip with Ford (I went to the North American International Auto Show in January). The Further With Ford event not only gave us an additional look into what goes into designing and creating Ford’s lineup

Jun 17 2014


Sometimes Pinterest has some great finds, including the below infographic. It has a ton of simple and easy-to-implement ideas for better marketing by small business owners. Some of my favorites include: Co-market with non-competing businesses with similar clients Ask for referrals after finishing up a great project the client is happy with Public speaking at

Jun 13 2014


If there is one thing working in the digital realm has taught me, it’s that some people are really good at networking (both on and offline), and some are really terrible at it. While I’m somewhere in between, I stand in amazement at the few number of people that can effortlessly work a room (or

Jun 10 2014


When SEO was in its infancy (probably almost 15 years ago, shockingly), it was easy to promise fast results. Keyword stuffing and cloaking was a thing everyone did, and internet users were so green, they just clicked on whatever they could find in the search results. However, as SEO developed (and continues to evolve), promising

Jun 3 2014

7 marketing resources and classes

If you are looking to step up your education game when it comes to marketing and online media. Luckily, online courses has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, which allows us as marketers to take advantage of this great material, which can help increase our expertise and attractiveness to future employers or clients. While I haven’t

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