Sep 16 2014

when should you send emails or publish blog posts?

A client recently had me do some research on email open rates, as she was planning to introduce a new weekly newsletter to her mailing list. The stats I found were quite surprising, to say the least. Additionally, I also had a chance to review a study on when the best time is to publish

Sep 10 2014

How to Re-Purpose Your Big Pieces of Content

At the San Francisco SEJ x Searchmetrics event this June, we heard from Jason Miller, who spoke about “big rock content,” which is the idea that if you write a large piece of content (whether that be an ebook, course, or really long article made up of thousands of words), that you can then break

Sep 8 2014

21 great articles on writing and blogging

Because I do so much writing for my various clients and I myself have a strong interest in writing and blogging (I was, after all, an English literature and creative writing major in college), I often find amazing blogging and writing resources that have immensely helped me with my own personal and professional writing. Whether

Aug 27 2014

  I’m speaking at 2014 Pubcon Las Vegas with Search Engine Journal founder, Loren Baker, on the editorial process for blogs. SEJ will also have TWO expo hall booth spaces and will be hosting an open bar on the first day. The majority of the SEJ team will be on hand all week to conduct

Aug 25 2014

how to write blog posts fast

According to the 2014 B2B Barometer Report, an annual study comprised of 116 B2b marketers in the U.K., the outlook continues to be positive when it comes to revenues: 87% predicted that their company’s profits will increase over the next year, an increase of 7% compared to 2013. The report is published each year via a

Aug 19 2014

Why you shouldn't blog on vacation

I’ve seen a ton of blog posts this summer about “how to blog while on vacation” or “how to maintain your blog while on vacation.” While admittedly, the latter may have good tips like “write in advance,” I’m here to tell you the final word on blogging on vacation: Don’t Do It!! If you are, you

Aug 12 2014


Even though blogging is “one more thing” you have on your to-do list, it can surprisingly be a great way to increase your productivity. Below are some of my favorite ways I’ve found that blogging has increased my productivity. It gives you a creative outlet: writing, for many, lets you be creative, even if you

Aug 6 2014


I’m a sucker for it, and I know you are too. Anytime someone mentions something from my teen years or childhood (say, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Clueless), and I am totally enraptured, laughing along to the jokes that come with complete nostalgia for the sweet parts of my childhood. If nostalgia brings back the

Jul 22 2014

when bad ads happen to good people

By now, you might have seen my post on SEMRush on why remarketing needs to change, but just ads, as a whole, are getting out of hand. Not only do I have to deal with pop-ups (which some of my clients have; I still don’t agree with) to sign up for new products or newsletters,

Jul 17 2014


If you were in a crowded room and trying to prove that clouds are purple,  not white, you would look pretty ridiculous saying,  “But, see!? According to this other speech I gave at last week’s dinner party,  I claimed that clouds were purple there as well.  So obviously this proves my point.” No, that wouldn’t

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